Episode 110

worst super bowl ever

the Episode

On This Weeks Episode:

Football season might be over, but talking about the Super Bowl is just getting started on this week’s episode!  Travis and Bobo recap their prop bets and see how they did with their wagers, all while arguing about the national anthem gambling controversy.  Also, Travis walks Bobo through his entire PlayStation Year in Review, which has quite a few surprises that reveal the true nature of Travis as a casual gamer.


This week on End Times, Bobo and Travis discuss a cryptocurrency exchange founder dying, leaving behind over $145 million dollars of cryptocurrency in an account with no password or way to access it.  Travis thinks it’s hilarious, and it is, but Bobo is even more frightened that they might actually figure out the password. Also, Bobo and Travis discuss the best Super Bowl commercials of all time. All this and more on this week’s episode!

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