Episode 7

Weird “Science”

the Episode

On This Weeks Episode:

On this week’s episode of Prestige Worldwide, the boys welcome Matt AKA Big E into the studio!  Matt heard Bobo’s rant about Bill Nye and took exception to it, so he decided to appear to battle Bobo in our first ever “5 Minute Debate” to see if they could find a common ground in their arguments.  Spoiler alert: they can’t.


After that, the boys delve into the world of bad science and all things both fake and hokey.  From Homeopathic remedies to psychic mediums, the boys and Big E march scorched earth-style over all forms of bad science in an attempt to warn everyone about the dangers of alternative medicine, and the virtues of critical thinking, logic, and common friggen sense.

This week’s contest has Travis play the role of moderator, as Big E and Bobo go head to head with the best public debunking example of bad science that could be found.  Tempers flare up, pills get swallowed, and both humor and logic reign supreme on this week’s episode of Prestige Worldwide the Podcast!

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