Episode 59


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On This Weeks Episode:

Do you enjoy waiting around all day for three minutes of entertainment every couple hours?  How about if you paid a fortune to do it?  If you answered yes to these questions, according to Bobo and Travis, you should probably check out Disneyworld.  On this week’s episode, Travis recounts his recent vacation to Disney for the listeners, while Bobo mocks him for standing in line for seven hours to ride a ride three times.  And don’t even get him started on the price of a Bud Light, Dilly Dilly!

Also this week, Bobo demands to know the appeal for a made-for-television movie and who actually gets excited for them.  Travis gives everyone an Oscar and Razzie preview, which has Bobo pouting about watching fourteen movies already, and Bobo talks about he’s not going to England, even if you pay him.  All this and more on this week’s episode!

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