Episode 19

Think of the Children

the Episode

On This Weeks Episode:

Bobo and Travis get back to their roots and battle it out on this week’s episode.  The last 18 episodes have merely been preparation for this, the true battle of wits that begins right now.  This week, The boys pick a few serious and a few comical issues to argue.  Travis picks his actual opinion to argue, while Bobo is relegated to playing the “Devil’s Advocate,” having to argue whatever side Travis doesn’t pick.  Regardless of his actual opinion, Bobo is a true hater that is fully equipped to take Travis down.  However, in the spirit of fairness, they both at least agree to remain humorous, and also, to think of the children.

This week’s End Times finds the boys revisiting the craze that was Vine in 2015, and how a few punk kids can cause trouble for America’s law enforcement with just not friggen thinking.  Although if you ask Bobo (and we don’t suggest it), he feels that the law is not what it appears to be.  All this and more on this week’s episode!

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