Episode 36

Suck it trebek

the Episode

On This Weeks Episode:

Welcome to Prestige Worldwide The Game Show!  On this week’s episode, the boys are joined by Uncle Hair and Andy to play a trivia game that’s definitely, absolutely, totally not jeopardy.  From topics such as America’s Mass Murderers to TGIF, join the crew as they slosh their way through some ridiculous nostalgia and horribly-written questions.  Make sure you stay for last place, as the there are no winners, but only a loser who must chug a lukewarm Bartles & James Fuzzy Navel drink of unknown age or origin.


This week’s End Times is a quick tour of current events in Bobo’s town that may or may not involve OP delivering in epic, epic fashion.  So come for the trivia, stay for the laughs, and leave when OP delivers, all on this week’s episode!

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