Episode 33

quotes and hoes

the Episode

On This Weeks Episode:

Have a favorite quote or turn of phrase with a special meaning in your life?  Well, if not, maybe you’ll find some on this week’s episode.  Or, if you’re anything like Bobo (which means you should seek help immediately), you’ll learn to loathe and despise them as much as he does.  The boys discuss quotes and how they are often misattributed, misquoted, or sometimes just plain not true.  From Marie Antoinette to George Washington, to P.T Barnum, we’ve got plenty of turns of phrase and clever wordsmithing to keep your interest.


The boys forgo an End Times on this week’s episode to give Uncle Hair a call and talk to him about quotes.  However, since he was too busy playing Madden at the beginning of the call, he ends up derailing the whole conversation as we devolve into why kids are so much better at video games than him, and how we’re keeping him waiting for his Chinese food dinner.  All this and more on this week’s episode!

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