Episode 16

Power Hour

the Episode

On This Weeks Episode:

Welcome to the official drunk episode of Prestige Worldwide The Podcast! The boys are joined once again by their good buddy Wayne to drink some beers, and play some drinking games involving movies and pop culture. Things run a little out of control, and alcohol “may” have been a factor, but who’s to say for sure? The only thing for sure is that Travis can guess any movie described to him in 5 words or less, and Bobo absolutely can’t hold his liquor.

This week’s End Times features a brand new drop by Wayne, and then the boys drop some knowledge on the listeners with a literal list of offensive terms that are too outrageous even for Grand Theft Auto, which as you might be aware of, is a game where you can kill hookers and mow down pedestrians in stolen cars, but don’t use these words in it or you’ll get banned! Also, Wayne gives an open invitation to be the guy you bring him to piss off your parents. All this and more on this week’s episode!

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