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Have you ever had a dream of people giving you money with no strings attached?  What if the money could only be used for cool stuff like backpacking across Europe or buying new Fortnite skins?  If so, you’ll want to listen to this week’s episode. Bobo and Travis bring you the best of their Go Fund Me treasures, where individuals just like you attempt to get free cash to do ridiculous things.  Join us as we laugh and recount what some people will donate their hard-earned cash towards, all for seemingly no good reason!


This week on End Times, Bobo puts a new spin on the idea by trying to encourage  one Go Fund Me to turn their idea into a legitimate Kickstarter because it’s actually a really awesome idea.  Also, Travis can’t stand how many people paid good money to see Venom, and MC doesn’t know anything about Escape from New York.  All this and more on this week’s episode!


Ricardo's football

pipe dream

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Earlybird Iditarod

Entry for Blair!


slam dunks with monks


30 Countries, 30 days,

Your Money


Horse Whisperer Dream Job


Can’t Pay Rent

because i’m an idiot


trickle down



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