Episode 76

Over the line

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On This Weeks Episode:

Over the line!  Welcome to Prestige Worldwide the Podcast, where on this week’s episode, Bobo and Travis explore the world of “crossing the line” and when we think people have gone too far.  And here’s a hint, this isn’t Ferris Bueller, and yes you can go too far. But is too far bringing in your own KFC gravy to your favorite restaurant? How about bringing ziplock bags to take leftovers home from a banquet?  Listen to the stories and decide for yourself!


This week on End Times, the boys talk about just what exactly was the purpose of moving that water bottle to the floor, and why is it so friggin important we find out?  Also. Bobo spews a bunch of wild reckless hate speech, but it’s okay, because he was sleepy and just woke up from a nap. All this and more on this week’s episode!

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