Episode 2

When Knowledge is

not power,

Just Disturbing

On This Weeks Episode:

Episode Two of Prestige Worldwide means that the boys survived the inaugural episode and are back for more. We're not sure if the world is ready, but too bad because it's Tuesday and we're loaded this week.

Bobo and Travis jump right into the discussion, by first apologizing for the poor audio quality of the previous episode, and then raging over everything that Bobo messed up during the first episode.  After that, the topic settles into people that just feel the need to live out every aspect of their lives on social media for the world to see, and why it's aggravating for everyone.

This week's contest turns into Bobo and Travis trying to one up each other with the worst example of oversharing on social media that they could find, which essentially turns into a shock value contest.  And then Bobo ends the episode like a true professional by forgetting the one topic he was so fired up to talk about before they hit record, only to be derailed by Travis and his logic in the end anyways,  The pictures are graphic, the conversations are obscene, and the humor is next level on this weeks episode!

Travis' Gran Torino Review

Clint Eastwood plays himself as an angry old man. His facial unchanging expression, which is the look of someone who constantly smells a rancid fart, is the only bright spot of his acting. That is 116 minutes I won't get back. 

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