Episode 93


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On This Weeks Episode:

Greatest Hits month has concluded on Prestige Worldwide, but Travis and Bobo have a whole new slate of topics for October.  And first on the agenda is their staff recommendations and picks for 2018. Travis and Bobo are into some cool stuff, and since they love it, they figure you will too!  Listen as the boys recap not just their favorite television shows and movies for the year, but also their favorite fads, wildcard picks, and more!


This week also features the regular return of End Times, and the boys discuss a recent British university’s decision to replace clapping with jazz hands, which if you can believe it, is just as ridiculous as it sounds.  Also, Travis is salty about losing Fantasy Movie League on a technicality, and Bobo won’t let anyone forget who’s in first place. All this and more on this week’s episode!

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