Episode 111

first wives club 2

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On This Weeks Episode:

Love is in the air on this week’s episode!  Did you realize it’s been over 2 years since Bobo and Travis had their significant others join them on an episode?  Apparently, neither did they! But, what better way to bring back an old classic than on Valentine’s Day itself! On this week’s episode, the couples engage in their own version of The Dating Game, where just like Thunderdome, two will enter, but only one will survive!

No End Times this week, as the boys get way too wrapped up in winning to leave any time for the segment, but don’t worry, it’ll be back next week in all its glory.  Also, Bobo and Travis start a celebrity death pool, and we take a trip through time to talk about the Wright Brothers. All this and more on this week’s episode!

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