Episode 8

First Wives Club

the Episode

On This Weeks Episode:

Welcome to the first wive's club on this week's episode!  Bobo and Travis are joined by their significant others, to discuss non other than meaningless pop culture references and nonsense that is entirely unimportant, but that the boys think every normal functioning member of society should know.  The boys run the girls through a series of questions and the responses we received are hilarious, and in Bobo's case, aneurysm-inducing.


Also, Travis talks about how to escape from a room properly, and Bobo shows the listeners just what he's dealing with on a day-to-day basis at his household.  So kick back, grab a glass of chardonnay, and prepare to shove your face full of expensive chocolates and absurd answers on this week's episode of Prestige Worldwide the Podcast.

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