Episode 51

Dilly Dilly

the Episode

On This Weeks Episode:

Like commercials?  Yeah, neither does Prestige Worldwide, which is why on this week’s episode, the boys bring in multiple examples of commercials that generally annoy them and piss them off, so they can have intelligent discourse about them and why they miss their mark.  And by intelligent discourse, we really mean Bobo and Travis just shout a lot about how terrible they are.  But it’s pretty funny, and interesting, and you might learn a thing or two about how to make a commercial later in life that Bobo and Travis will approve of.  We’re sure this is your reason for being, and thus you’re guaranteed to tune in.


Also on this week’s episode, Bobo gives his now weekly Bitcoin price update, Travis talks about the Fantasy Movie League him and Bobo are in and how he is a gigantic loser, and this week’s End Times features an update on who we’ve dubbed “Flat Earth Rocket man.”  All this and more on this week’s episode!


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