Episode 84

Corporate Commando

the Episode

On This Weeks Episode:

The Office lives on this week’s Episode!  Bobo is stuck in corporate “soft skills” training all week, and shares his adventures in lunacy with listeners.  From tone-deaf instructors to insubordinate employees, Bobo has the rundown on everything outrageous that he has to unfortunately sit through this week.  It’s hilarious and excruciating all at the same time. Unless you’re Bobo, in which case it’s just excruciating.


This week’s End Times features a pledge to be less preachy to our listeners, and the best way to prove your not impotent that we can think of.  Also, Bobo comes in last place in the Fantasy Movie League and can’t stand it, and Travis has to go see the Equalizer 2. All this and more on this week’s episode!

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