Episode 9


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On This Weeks Episode:

Welcome to Prestige Worldwide the Podcast, the cheapest podcast on the internet!  This week, the boys jump into how to save a bunch of money on everything imaginable.  From not buying vinyl records to giving the middle finger to Lenscrafters, you’ll save so much money that you’ll be able to afford to buy episodes of a real podcast instead of having to be a broke schmuck listening to two thrifty dudes telling you how you can afford to eat out at Chipotle and afford the rent on your parent’s basement apartment.  Or you can keep listening to this show.  Pretty please?!

Also this week, the end of the show segment is finally given a real name, and we update the listeners on the polls for the past few weeks.  So if you want to save some friggen money and learn who is winning the battle of wits to date, tune into this week’s episode of Prestige Worldwide the Podcast!

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