Episode 99


the Episode

On This Weeks Episode:

Welcome to our second attempt at recording this episode!  Tune in as Travis regales the listeners with how he started recording the podcast this week, only to abort it 10 minutes in as he forgot to record both microphones.  But, that’s not all, Travis manages to recover from his rage and we soldier through the second attempt! This week, Travis introduces Bobo to a website called Cameo, and has Bobo guess at how much money “famous” celebrities charge fans to record videos for them.  Which, sadly, is the most entertaining thing Bobo has done in quite some time.


Instead of End Times this week, Bobo and Travis push the upcoming live episode extremely hard, and Bobo cries about dropping to second place in the movie league for the first time this season.  Oh, did we mention a live podcast is coming up on November 14th at 8 pm? All this and more on this week’s episode!

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