Episode 65


the Episode

On This Weeks Episode:

March Madness is here!  While the boys, particularly Travis, couldn’t care less about college basketball, they both share an interest in creating alternative brackets to decide upon.  So, in the annual tradition on Prestige Worldwide, the boys have created four new alternative brackets on some ridiculous topics that they then run through to the two finalist, and then will let the listeners decide!  From crummy pizza to even crummier chain restaurants, if it’s mediocre and bad for your health, the boys are bracketing them up and taking them down this week!


On this Week’s End Times, Travis regales us with a tail about the time he clicked on an article to read on a reputable website, only to find out it’s an article written about another article!  The boys peel back this article onion to get to the source, and the frustration, of what reporting and journalism has become in 2018. Also, Travis let’s everyone know Bobo messed up, and yet Bobo couldn’t be happier.  All this and more on this week’s episode!

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