The idea for Prestige Worldwide The Podcast was started much like how all great ideas are started: Drunkenly.  Barely able to stand, and most certainly slurring their words, Bobo and Travis came to the conclusion that, “we have a lot of opinions and nothing to do with them." The first idea was a series of perfectly-worded letters to the editor of the local newspaper. However, with subscribers down and the fact that the newspapers are a dying art, they instead turned their focus to the internet.


Prestige Worldwide the Podcast is a weekly battle of wits debating a range of topics for the privilege to be called right. Sometime they both agree, most times they don’t. However what  does come out of their mouths will be at least entertaining. The conversations will be varied and based around a topic each one of them love or hate. From time to time, they will occasionally provide evidence to back up or refute whatever subject they happen to set their sights on for that week. However, most time their "evidence" will be nothing more than an impassioned speech and meaningless rhetoric. So sit back, enjoy, and help them decide who is right.


Bobo met Travis while studying for his dump-truck mechanic certification in 1976. After realizing that he was absolutely horrible with both fine motor skills and tools, he quickly decided that hosting a podcast was a much better idea. However, he failed to realize that it was still 1976 and the podcast had yet to be invented. Bobo spent the next three decades in and out of various psychiatric facilities, where he would master the arts of decorative sewing and podcasting. Once the podcast had been invented, it was assumed there had been some gigantic mistake and Bobo was free to go. Of course, his first stop was the national embroidery convention in St. Louis, and from there the rest his history. Some of his other interests include hiking, fishing, trampling on the rights of indigenous people and of course, Bill Cosby cosplaying.


What can be written about Travis that we do not already know? His accomplishments are numerous, and his endeavors have captured the hearts of fans both young and old. But what exactly would cause a 56-year-old former glue factory owner turned Rosie O'Donnell stunt double to give up their illustrious career and focus on podcasting? In his youth, Travis often listened to the soothing sounds of the AM radio as he processed the never-ending line of horse carcasses all evening long. It was here that his love for the microphone was forged. He was once also part of a scared straight assembly at a local high school where he presented on the dangers of sniffing glue, and he said he enjoyed that experience as well. When not behind the mic, Travis can be found passing out fliers at various strip malls in his hometown of York, educating others on the comedic genius of Carrot Top.

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